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Who Am I?

Director . Writer . Producer


Thomas Geddes is a Canadian director, writer, and producer that's currently based in Calgary, Alberta that goes by He/They pronouns.

Inherently, his style and work carry a certain theatricality to it. The more he creates, the more he wants to experience different art forms such as dance to incorporate into his films and stories. His process is rooted in the belief that working in various positional capacities broadens experiences allowing for deeper collaboration and communications. 

Thomas graduated from the National Theatre School of Canada's  Production Design and Management program in 2016 and the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology's Film Production program in 2018. On occasion, Thomas also is an Actor.

Whether it's in theatre or film, he is at home when working with other artists who are all striving to do the one thing when working on something...

Telling a worthwhile story.

Sound Engineer . Foley Artist


With roots in Sound Design for theatrical productions, Thomas was quick to embrace both location sound and post-production sound for Film and Television.


As an independent Sound Engineer, he knows the ins and outs of tackling all aspects of the post-production process from sound effects to mixing. Whenever he can, he walks-through the post-sound process in-depth for anyone interested in learning more about the craft.

Foley art in particular is a true joy and an endless world of possibilities in learning exactly what random objects of life sound like.

His mantra when it comes to Sound in any art form:

"You can close your eyes and stop looking but you can't not listen to everything around you"

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